ISC 2020 Program Structure

ISC 2020 Program at a Glance

ISC High Performance is focused on bringing the most critical developments and trends in HPC, machine learning and data analytics to the attendees. Be it the conference program or the exhibition, the emphasis is on how to successfully apply these technologies in science, engineering and commerce for the betterment of society.

The following components make up ISC 2020 and are in place to provide a comprehensive participation experience for the HPC community:

Invited Program
Contributed Program
Vendor Showcases
Student Program
Outreach Program

Invited Program

Comprised of handpicked topics selected by HPC, machine learning and data analytics experts, the ISC Invited Program spans a wide array of sessions and tracks, including:

Distinguished Speaker Series
Focus Sessions
Machine Learning Day
Industrial Day
HPC in Asia

Contributed Program

The ISC conference series, particularly the ISC Contributed Program offers opportunities to shape the conference program through community submissions. The ISC Contributed Program enables practitioners and researchers in high performance computing to present their latest results, discuss future work, and network with their peers.

All calls for submissions for the contributed program are managed by a chair and deputy chair, aided by an international committee in their respective areas of interest. This committee is fully responsible for reviewing and accepting submissions of the highest quality and organizing a varied program.

The ISC Contributed Program comprises:

Research Papers
Research Posters
Project Posters
PhD Forum
Birds of a Feather


The exhibition brings together over 160 HPC vendors, universities and research organizations from around the world who will demonstrate their most recently developed products and technologies.

Vendor Showdown
The popular Vendor Showdown offers forward-looking presentations by industry powerhouses in high performance computing across the globe. The Showdown is split into two sessions that run in parallel. Each speaker has a few minutes to present their organization's newest strategy, product or research developments. A panel of expert moderators will then ask each speaker a few in-depth questions, some of which will be unknown to the presenter, making for a lively discussion.

Exhibitor Forum
The Exhibitor Forum showcases the latest technologies and future plans in the HPC industry. Topics include system architectures, interconnects, processors, memory, storage, applications and system software. The forum allows attendees to gain a compact overview of the products and services of key HPC vendors, and to learn about new developments in the field.

Student Programs

The ISC Student Programs are intended to provide students exposure to the world of high performance computing. Opportunities are available for high school, undergraduate and graduate students.

The current offering includes the:

ISC HPC Career Day
ISC Student Volunteer Program
ISC Student Cluster Competition


ISC 2019 HPC Career Day ISC 2019 Student Volunteer Program ISC 2019 Student Cluster Competition 


Outreach Programs

Aligned with our goal of supporting and building the global HPC community, we offer different opportunities to welcome attendees into the community and to ISC High Performance. We also actively support the underprivileged in gaining HPC knowledge and skills required to advance their research and their career.

Our current Outreach Programs include the:

ISC Travel Grant
ISC HPC Career Day
ISC Community Orientation


ISC 2019 Travel Grant ISC 2019 HPC Career Day ISC 2019 First Time Attendee Session