Online Attendance

Event Platform
Our event platform Swapcard will be available to all ISC 2022 attendees. The Swapcard app is downloadable from Google Play and the App Store, if you choose to browse on your smartphone. Please click here for further information using the event platform.

Are there any special device or bandwidth requirements for me to attend?
You will need an Internet connection and web browser. We recommend hi-speed internet for the best viewing experience. We strongly suggest that you join the conference using a supported internet browser, which includes the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Is video and/or mic necessary?
If you would like to use the video functionality of Swapcard to interact with others, you will need to have a working webcam and mic.

Data privacy - how is my data processed?
We pay a lot of attention to how our registrants’ data is treated. During our registration process we kindly ask you to consent to the use of some portions of your data and there you decide to share or not to share your data. On the other side you can decide to share your data using the platform's networking features. On top you have the possibility to make yourself “Invisible”. Just go to the “Community” tab - on the left hand side you can change the “Visibility” option. To know more about how your data is processed, please read Swapcards Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and ISCs General Terms & Conditions. You may find these information in your Profile menu.